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Come On Down To Coreano’s

Decide what you want to eat as you wait in line

Coreano’s has been on the front page of Austin’s Yelp for quite a while now, prompting me to want to try the place. I’d heard of it, but never been, having only gone to their competitor: Chi’lantro. Chi’lantro was pretty good, but I wanted to try Coreano’s too and see what the deal was.

Coreano’s is a circulating food truck that has a food theme of Korean + Mexican food. Similar to Chi’lantro, Coreano’s has Asian-flavored burritos, quesadillas, and fries. However, what seems to make this place different is their meat selection and fries in your burrito. Yes, you read that right: fries in burrito (think Big Bite). The food trailer is nice and airy as you can see at the bottom with a good drink selection and even some Asian snacks. The people are quite nice and can even take a credit card!

Quesadillas, available for those needing to eat on the run (like me!)

I know I should have gotten the burrito, but I ended up getting the quesadilla with marinated beef short rib. It was good, easy to handle, and filled with kimchi and cheese that did not overwhelm the dish. If you are shy about heat in your food, only the mildest will be affected. However, I wish there had been a little more meat and it was pretty oily. It was also a little on the salty side. Yet the quesadilla was definitely filling and I am determined to go back and try something else next time. 🙂

Sorry for the Saran wrap, but hopefully you can see the food size of the tacos

My friend decided on tacos and a good choice if you want to try the many different variations of meat available. In the picture, there is some veggies missing, but apparently they pile them on pretty high. The tacos are a little small and might not be enough to fill you up. That’s when you take the time for fries! Coreano’s is quite well known for their kimchi fries and especially the Three Wise Fries that has three kinds of meat on it. Sounds delicious. 😛

The line gets long really fast so be prepared. Either get there early or be prepared to wait over half an hour. The food also takes some time to prepare. My friend and I got there before the food truck, but it took about 45 minutes for us both to get through the line and finally get our food. However, one must note that there appeared to be a fundraiser going on that day so that may have caused a significant increase in time. Also, be sure to understand there is one line to order food and another line to get food so make sure you’re in the right line!

And we got here before the truck got here

The food truck comes near campus at least once a week, if not multiple times. Check out their website or Twitter to find out the exact dates. Parked near the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs Mansion, you can’t miss it and the long line of people interested in getting the food. They ain’t stingy with the kimchi.

Overall, I think Coreano’s is pretty tasty and I have to say it’s a tie between Coreano’s and Chi’lantro. They just taste different. Chi’lantro is a little bit more Asian with the egg inside the burrito and smaller portions. However, Coreano’s definitely hits the junk food tastebuds with the fries and pork belly available. Food battle: tie!

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 for tasty food, long line, and taking credit cards!


Get Peached with Peached Tortilla

The Peached Tortilla 2.0

If you haven’t heard of the Peached Tortilla, you will. It’s one of the hottest new food trailers in Austin and recently made some local fame at SXSW when hosting Rachael Ray’s Greenhouse party.  Its food theme is Asian/Southern fusion and ranges from banh mi sliders to Nutella wontons. Just this month, Peached Tortilla expanded itself to a second location right next to Hole in the Wall, on the corner of the Drag and Dean Keeton. Peached Tortilla 2.0 is smaller than its original counterpart and with a more limited menu selection, but at least it’s tasty trailer food right next to campus for lunch every weekday.

The people are very friendly and nice. The trailer seems hygienic since you can see the food being made and it’s really too small to get very dirty without people noticing. I think that’s something different about a trailer with windows: you can see how clean or not clean the kitchen is. Take-out is nice with the people being thoughtful by wrapping the food in foil and putting it into a paper bag. Definitely kept the food at least warm and not falling all over the bag.

Displayed open-faced so you can see the yummy ingredients before you taste them.

I got the banh mi slider and bbq brisket taco on corn tortilla. The taco was good, but not tasting the peach mint stuff. Sweeter brisket and moist. I liked the crunchy slaw on top of it and overall quite tasty. A good mouthful for $2.50. The banh mi slider was $3. It was on Hawaiian bread and slightly buttered and toasted, which was yummy. Definitely gave a lot of pork belly (also known as thick-sliced bacon) with a creamy sweet and sour sauce and slaw on top of it. Cilantro is prominent and gives an added dimensions that is delicious. I also liked the presentation in that it shows off the amount of ingredients in your food.

As you can see the burrito is reminiscent of the size and look of a Chipotle burrito, but it definitely tastes different on the inside.

There are also burritos for $6 that don’t seem to be sold from the original truck. They are like the slightly smaller cousins of the burrito size of Chipotle and is more of an Asian fusion burrito. Pad thai burrito seems to be quite popular, but there are a number of others like bbq brisket. My friend tried that and he deemed it tasty and filled him up for lunch. Another friend tried the pad thai taco and she found it quite yummy as well. It was sweeter and definitely not the classic pad thai taste, but that’s what made it fun and different.

I think the flavors of Peached Tortilla tend to err on the sweet side, but that may be due to the sauce on the slaw. I feel like it’s pretty yummy though and an interesting place for Asian fusion. I think the sliders are definitely the highlight and what makes the place different from other food trailers. Definitely my recommendation is to at least try the banh mi slider.

The 2.0 menu, photographed for your convenience. 🙂

The servings are just the right size for a snack and even a meal. However, it’s also fun to share with buddies or just try a bunch of different foods at once since the servings are relatively small. There also seems to be a slightly more limited menu compared to the original food truck since there are no fries, wontons, or etc. on the chalkboard menu (though I didn’t ask if there were other choices off-menu). It’s a nice little place right next to campus and a good stop to try something different.

Overall, Peached Tortilla seems like a tasty new place to try some trailer food very close to campus. The people are friendly and nice and the food is pretty good for a fair price. They’ve recently opened so you can grab the food before the line starts getting too long like at Coreano’s (who will be the next review).

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 for tasty Asian/Southern fusion trailer food, limited menu, and friendly people. Go out and experience trailer food in Austin, right next to campus!

Foodie Heaven: Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest Part 2

The logo come to life!

The Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival is a new event taking Austin by storm, bringing the new trend of trailer food to the masses by allowing Austinites to come and try their local food trailers. Versus an event like Taste of Austin that caters more to established restaurants, Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest is much like the trailer food it represents, a cheap and affordable way for new chefs to reach out to the Austin community and reach a foothold into Foodie hearts.

This is part 2 of coverage on the Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest and we will be focusing on desserts today! Yum! 😛 If you missed Part 1, check it out here.

Now delivering fresh ice cream sandwiches!

That's right, we're so tasty that you can eat the paper. You heard me: eat the paper.

Our first stop is Coolhaus, a cute little trailer that is designed especially to churn out freshly made ice cream cookie sandwiches. Coolhaus was also cool enough to even provide a little something for your dog if he or she got hungry during the festival. 🙂 Coolhaus also differentiates itself by providing edible ice cream wrappers, but they really did not taste that great so only take it for its face value: the cool factor. Now, to the product. Coolhaus ice cream cookie sandwiches are amazing! Two of my friends found it one of their favorite things to eat at the Food Fest and I’ll admit, I found it quite enjoyable. They got the fig mascarpone with ginger cookie on one side and a classic chocolate chip cookie on the other. The chocolate chip cookie was OK, being a little chewy, but mostly crunchy. I liked the crunchiness, but my friends preferred a more chewy cookie instead. Again, your mileage may vary. There were definitely a lot of chocolate chips, but the batter wasn’t very buttery or unique. The ginger cookie, however, was delicious! It was also chewy on the inside, but more crunchy on the outside. It was clearly a very sweet ginger cookie, but the ginger wasn’t overpowering or too strong. The ginger cookie with the fig mascarpone is definitely a winner. However, the fig mascarpone ice cream was also mostly just OK to me. It was tasty and had a unique flavor that could be attributed to the mascarpone. However, I didn’t taste a lot of the fig and I kind of expected tiny pieces of fig in the ice cream. However, Coolhaus definitely has a good thing going since I find the greatest weakness in cookie ice cream sandwiches is that the cookie has absorbed too much moisture. A fresh one made on the spot certainly takes care of the issue.                                                                                                                             Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 1/2 for taking a standard dessert and making it taste even better fresh, for offering innovative ice creams and for an allowance of unique combos by customers.

You can't miss this unique trailer or their pies!

I can see why you're an award-winning buttermilk pie. Delish!

Next was Cutie Pies, a trailer you can’t miss with its bright pink exterior and general fancifulness. The pies there were definitely yummy. The pies were going like hotcakes and offered such edibles as fresh pumpkin pie (none of that canned stuff), but I went with the Pie Queen’s suggestion and had the award-winning buttermilk pie. Absolutely delicious. 😛 The pie was sweet, but the sweetness was toned down by the acidity of the buttermilk that was not overwhelming when you bit into it. It was creamy and had a good texture on the tongue that literally melted as you ate. The crust was surprisingly thick, but that made it all the better when parts got caramelized with the buttermilk filling. Overall, another place I definitely want to try again.                                                                              Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 for the best buttermilk pie I’ve ever had and the super friendly people. Just a warning, the pies go quick so try to get there early and snatch a slice before the trailer closes shop.

Holy Cacao, you can't miss the sign.

I think the Velvet Ball is my favorite.

I have heard so much about Holy Cacao, a trailer specializing in hot chocolate and a unique specialty: cake balls. A truffle on a stick, according to Holy Cacao. The place was tasty, but didn’t really live up to the rep I expected. However, my review may be slightly qualified by the fact that I’m not a big cake fan. I had the Wedding Cake and the Red Velvet and both were tasty. The Wedding Cake was very sweet and full of vanilla and white chocolate tastes. I loved the sugar crystals on top and it was good and fun to eat. The Red Velvet, though, would be my favorite as the slight chocolate taste went well with the white chocolate covering. The cake balls are interesting in that they are freshly made cake that is crumbled and mixed with frosting to create a better texture on the popsicle stick creating a tasty cake ball. Amazingly difficult to make, they are tasty, but not exactly my cup of tea. Fun to try for their novelty. My friends tried the carrot cake and peanut butter and both liked, but were not necessarily impressed. The carrot cake was quite sweet and the peanut butter was literally like a Reeses’ piece on a stick. Great for peanut butter lovers out there.    Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 for the novelty, fun factor, and super sweetness. It may be known for its cake balls, but it started out as a hot chocolate place.

Check out my chalkboard on the side. Have fun while you eat!

Can you believe this is just half a banana?

Honorable mention must go to Bananarchy, who also won for most veggie-licious vittle. The food is frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and covered with delicious toppings like Oreos and M&Ms to create a luscious dessert that can even become completely vegan with vegan chocolate dip if you so desire. I did not actually get to try this dessert, but my friend tried it and really enjoyed it. From my experience with frozen bananas, I can only imagine how much more delicious it must have been covered in chocolate and nuts. The servings are also quite large so leave a lot of room if you want to indulge in this cool treat.                Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 for being delicious and a healthy vegan treat in a hot city. However, admittedly, couldn’t this be made at home? Whatever, still tastes good and they do their best to promote Austin causes like using fair trade bananas and having live bands play by their trailer.

Le Cordon Bleu demonstrates how to be a cooking foodie.

Yum, can't you see that pillowy softness?

After all this, one must mention Le Cordon Bleu. The cooking school came to the event, giving demonstrations of the food they can teach you to make in their classes. Amazingly nice people and they gave 2 cooking demonstrations, though we could only stay for one. They made pâte à choux for us, which is the dough used in such French pastries as éclairs and true beignets. Unbeknownst to us, this dough can also be used for savory dishes like potato puffs. They showed us how to make the dough and then gave us samples of the 2 different ways to use the dough. So delicious and literally melted in my mouth. It was like little clouds of delicious carbs and now I kind of want to make some. Le Cordon Bleu has an open house once a month allowing hopeful chefs and pâtissiers to see what a class in the school will be like as well as expanding the foodie’s cooking repertoire. Definitely recommended and a highlight of the Food Fest.       Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 1/2 for being informative, super nice chefs, and to learn more about how to cook in Austin.

Aren't you a cutie?

The festival was fun and more than just food. I really liked that they had live performances of music and a place for the kids to enjoy themselves with storytelling and acrobatics. There were also lots of dogs around (including the doggie above!), but they stayed pretty calm. No havoc so thank you dog owners. However, it was definitely hard on the dogs to be surrounded by food they couldn’t eat. Some places like Coolhaus, though, had special doggy treats to give to sate their appetites. There was also a cook-off taking place during the event, trying to determine the favorites of Austinites that will then be adapted by Le Cordon Bleu. Check out the winners on the website!

Overall, the Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest was amazing and the place was packed. This was the first by Trailer Food Diaries and hopefully this event will become a part of the Austin foodie event staple. I thought this was a great way to let Austinites know about the other food options available trekking around the city and I am definitely stoked to try out my next food trailer!

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 :P, to experience the trailer food scene of Austin in one location for a great price. Plus, experience other parts of Austin like Le Cordon Bleu, the live music scene, and Ladybird Lake!

P.S. See some great pictures and a different perspective on the Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest by my fellow blogger here.

Foodie Heaven: Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest Part 1

Follow that balloon!

May I say that I would deem the 1st Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival a success! This kind of festival is exactly what represents Austin. A free outdoor event to enjoy the gorgeous weather and celebrate a love of food and specifically the new food trailers that have been cropping up around the city. The lines were already ridiculous when we were leaving around 2pm and I heard that they were crazy until closing. Waiting in line took about an hour for some places. The festival was great and I’m so glad I went. 😀 There was so much to see that I am actually splitting this article into two. This first part will cover the savory dishes and the second part will cover the desserts.

The quiet before the storm...

First off, definitely come early. The lines were super long and grew ever longer as the day went on, but the lines were going smoothly. Some places even had to close down since they ran out of food. Places like Chi’Lantro, Cutie Pies and Mighty Cone had long lines right from the beginning and deservedly as they were all delicious. The Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival is actually part of Trailer Food Diaries, a blogging site that has been expanding with the increasing popularity of food trailers in Austin and across the U.S. Tired of not grabbing life by the horns, the fourth-generation Austinite decided to pursue her passion and became involved with food trailers. Now, we have the Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival that was an awesome culmination of foodie Austin and will hopefully continue in the future. With this in mind, maps were graciously given out to map our foodie experience by Austin location of the trailers and a pamphlet containing stories about the different food trailers so we could make informed decisions about where we wanted to fill our tummies. There was also info on the judges for the cook-off and even tips on opening your own food trailer! This was the place to be to experience Austin trailer food for the day.

At first, I thought it said "Mmm Pandas."

Aren't you cute? The sample empanada was the size of my palm.

The first place I tried was Mmmpanadas. I got the $1 soy chorizo and brie empanada. It was definitely different and I quite enjoyed it. The crust is amazingly flaky and thick and a definite positive of the trailer. I enjoyed the brie’s unique taste and stringiness in the empanada, but the soy chorizo did not settle very well with me. It was obviously not similar in taste to chorizo and would overpower the brie in some parts. Overall, a good attempt and it’s great to see a place that is thinking out of the box with its creations. We also tried a pumpkin empanada from the place and that was yummy as well. However, it was on the sweet side and may not be a favorite for people who don’t like things too sweet (your mileage may vary). Mmmpanadas is a place I would like to try again, even if it was just for the amazing empanada crust alone. However, I can see that their savory empanadas have potential and they can do a good sweet empanada. Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 for the crust and unique flavors available as well as a good sweet empanada.

Let us take you on a foodie carpet ride

Next time, I'll come for the beef

I had heard of the Flying Carpet, a new Mediterranean trailer that is supposed to be one of the better Mediterranean food places around. I bought the lentils and beans and, admittedly, I wasn’t completely impressed. It was tasty and the beans had a crunchiness to them while still being thoroughly cooked, which was impressive. However, the chicken wasn’t spiced especially uniquely and overall a rather tasteless dish. Admittedly, maybe lentils and chicken would be boring, but I expected perhaps a burst of spice or unique taste that would differentiate this dish. There was also no evidence of the tomatoes, onions, and cilantro as promised on the menu. However, one of my friends did try the other dish offered, beef kefta, and she found it quite delicious. I also have to admit how super friendly and nice the people were there. The food wasn’t great, but the people were and I’m willing to give this place a second try if I ever see it in the future. Rating: 😛 😛 😛 for decent lentils and chicken and super nice employees. May deserve a second chance as other people seemed to like it.

So what is Mighty Cone? Is it a burrito, a snow cone, a taco? No, it's a mighty cone (with tortilla and mighty ingredients).

Held in a convenient cone, try the wonders of crispy hot chicken and sweet cole slaw.

Mighty Cone will definitely be my favorite of the food festival. It was delicious breaded chicken in a kind of panko crust that was a little sweet and very hot (temperature-wise) and crunchy. The sauce was creamy and slightly spicy and the cole slaw added that little crunch and sweetness that made the whole concoction one of the tastiest trailer foods I’ve ever eaten. I now really want to visit this place on just a normal day. I had the Hot n’ Crunchy Chicken cone, but I’ve heard the chicken and avocado is even better so I can’t wait to try that out. The line was already long when I got there near the beginning of the festival, but it was definitely worth it and I quickly ate it up.                                                       Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 for a winning combination of crunchy chicken with sweet coleslaw and a slightly spicy sauce (not unlike dressings used at Japanese restaurants).

Kabobs aren't the only tasty things coming out of this trailer.

You delicious pierogi you 🙂

One of the favorites of our group was the pierogi (spelled perogi by the trailer) from Pick Up Stixx. The place was definitely interesting with many types of foods offered, but the pierogi was certainly one of the most delicious and best bargains at the Food Fest. The pierogi was filled with potato and a little onion. The dough wrapper actually appeared like an egg roll wrapper, but it was pleasingly chewy and a slight crunch on the outside that made an enjoyable texture of the softness of the filling with crunchy onions to coincide with the chewy and slightly crunchy wrapping.                                                                       Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 for the pierogi alone as well as generally nice.

I am now dedicated to trying Conscious Cravings near campus.

I really want a sandwich now...

Another friend tried both the seitan tofu wrap from Conscious Cravings as well as a sandwich with pickled apples from The Jalopy. Both were delicious from her tastings and the little bit she gave me to try. The seitan tofu wrap had a tasty dressing and the tofu was perfectly fried. The sandwich was very interesting with caramelized bread instead of toasted and the pickled apples were quite tasty. Altogether, a different combination and her personal favorite of the Food Fest.                                                                                                                   Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 from what I was told as well as the little I tried, flavorful and vegetarian friendly!

Tubular, man, this place looked awesome! It even had tables that lowered down!

There were so many places I wanted to try, but my stomach was just too small. Some other highlights from friends (and comments on the first Gypsy Picnic post) who ate at the Food Fest were The Best Wurst, Man Bites Dog, Torchy’s Tacos, and Zubikhouse. However, I’m sure there were many other tasty trailers we didn’t get to and I definitely hope this Food Fest will continue in the future. It was definitely a foodie’s dream to have so many tasty Austin trailers in one spot and to have discounted samples of all the food.

Stay around to find out about Cutie Pies and more

Please stay tuned for Part 2 of Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest where I will be covering the desserts. You have not experienced Austin until you’ve tried the unique desserts from Austin trailers.

Rating for Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest: 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 for TONS of food, affordable prices, and limited selection.

Food Festival: I Want to be a Gypsy

Take a walk!

Hey all! The weather is becoming cool and beautiful so now would be the perfect time to go out and enjoy good food, right? Well, not only is the Fun Fun Fun Fest coming up this weekend, but so is the 1st Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival! By the way, did I mention that going to the event is free?

In the Daily Texan yesterday, an article ran about the upcoming 1st Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival on November 6. It’s a new event at Auditorium Shores, right between Lady Bird Lake and the Palmer Events Center. It’s definitely accessible from campus by car, bus, bike, or even walking if you’re adventurous. It’s going to be a collection of over 30 food trailers from around Austin, competing for your love and money to ultimately earn bragging rights as best trailer food of the festival.

Hmm, what are you looking at?

So now you’re wondering, what exactly is going to be happening at this festival? Well, first off, these 30+ food trailers are going to be offering samples of their food for $3 or less each. Check out the menus, the trailers and events on their website. I’m especially excited since there are a lot of trailers I’ve been dying to check out like Holy Cacao with their incredible cake balls and Man Bites Dog, which is actually featured in the Daily Texan article. There are also going to be trailers that I’ve reviewed such as Chi’Lantro and I’ll finally be able to check out Gourdough’s.

However, the event’s not just food, though it will be the main entertainment. There is also going to be live music from people like Noise Revival Orchestra, Ruby Jane and Junior Brown. If that’s not enough for you and the kids, there will also be sideshows like Storytime from BookPeople and Acrobatics that include Cirque Dreams Illumination. Finally, there is going to be a Cook-Off with KGSR and Le Cordon Bleu to determine “Best of the Fest.” Winner gets bragging rights and advertising as well as their signature dish to be prepared by Le Cordon Bleu. We voters get a little something too with a chance at passes to performances at KGSR Music Lounge.

Cross the bridge to trailer gorge

Festival begins at 11am and continues to 8pm so bring lots of cash with you! Though some places may accept credit cards, it will be predominantly cash only. However, don’t fret if you forget as there will be ATMs available (nobody said how far the “available” range is though…). Dress for the weather as it’ll probably be quite cold, bring a camera, and even your dog if you like! It’s a picnic festival after all, just you don’t have to bring the food. You can bring water though. Leave the sodas and alcoholic beverages to the professionals please. Definitely, checking out the website is a must since the details are there as well as an FAQ letting you know what’s allowed and not allowed (basically, all picnic stuff A-OK and other stuff is NO).

If I go this weekend, I’ll definitely post up how the event was with lots of tasty pictures. If there’s enough material, it might split into two posts! Yay! Let’s see, I did attend this event so here is the savory post and the dessert post for the festival. Hope to see you there! 😛

Gourdough’s: The Big, Fat, Fresh, Delicious Doughnut Trailer

A deliciously fresh Gourdough's doughnut

Though I have yet to actually go see the Gourdough’s trailer, I have heard many good things about Gourdough’s. It’s a kind of gourmet doughnut place that has some of the craziest and most savory concoctions you can imagine for doughnuts. Think bacon and maple syrup icing on a freshly made doughnut or a huge doughnut covered in grilled strawberries and chocolate icing. The doughnuts tend to weigh on the large side in order to encompass the arrangement of unique ingredients that come with the menu choices given by Gourdough’s. Pronounced “gore-dough’s,” the name is reminiscent of “gordo” or “fat” in Spanish. My roommate was kind enough to bring  me a doughnut and I’ll admit: it was delicious.

It was very gooey so I ate with fork and knife

I was given the “Mama’s Cake” doughnut, which is a regular doughnut with yellow cake batter filling and chocolate fudge icing. The doughnut was warm and cooked perfectly with a doughy inside and a crisp outside. The doughnut was actually similar to the texture of a funnel cake, except bigger and just as tasty. The chocolate fudge icing was yummy, but as you can see, it seemed to drown the doughnut a little and overwhelmed the basic fried flavor. I think there was also a little melted butter in the cake batter filling on top and that with just a little chocolate icing was absolutely delicious. I really loved the Gourdough doughnut I ate and I hope to try more in the future.

Many friends have tried “Porkey’s,” which is a doughnut with canadian bacon, cream cheese, and jalapeno jelly. The only things I’ve heard are “interesting” and that the jelly is definitely unique. If possible, try splitting with a friend in case the doughnut is not one that you’re willing to fill up on. Definitely, one should take a taste of savory doughnuts available since that is one of the unique features of Gourdough’s. However, there are many variations available as the menu shows and you can even design your own! Gourdough’s is a veritable haven of doughnut inventiveness so you should go down to Gourdough’s and try out a doughnut invention!

Cover liberally with sauce and chew 🙂

Honestly, I promise to update if I ever do go to Gourdough’s, but I think the main point here is that the doughnut is delicious and has more of the fried taste and texture than your usual run-of-the-mill doughnuts. Each has their unique positives, but if you’re in the mood for a unique doughnut invention that is both crispy and tender, you might want to try a doughnut from Gourdough’s. It seems to be that the sweet doughnuts succeed better than the savory ones, but don’t you want bragging rights that you had a doughnut with a fried chicken strip on top?

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 ½. Overall, the doughnut was tasty and crispy and other people have told me that they have enjoyed their doughnut tastings here. There are certainly unique inventions to try and consider.

PREVIEW: Red Mango


Do I spy...Red Mango?


Update 10/17/10: Check out my review of Red Mango in Austin! Yogurt Wars: Red Mango.

Well, the game was not as happy as I was hoping it would be so the post I had made previously for it will not be quite right. However, that does not deter me from posting about food opportunities here at UT and I’ve got two.

First off, I must explain how I stumbled upon the discovery of Red Mango, one of the first specialty frozen yogurt franchises that opened in the US. I was planning on creating a post about the trailer park square that is being created here near UT campus. It is called Longhorn Food Court and is definitely a place you should check out.


Finally! That was a long walk.


Longhorn Food Court is a recently renovated lot where Ivory Cleaners used to stand. It is now a place for local food trailers around Austin to set up and serve their specialties in a convenient distance from campus. It is definitely a place you should try out if you are at all interested in trailer food and you just can’t make it to the other trailer carts around Austin.


Mmm, I wanted to eat at Lucky J's, but they weren't open. Next time, definitely checking the website.


Some of the trailer food you’ll find include Lucky J’s Chicken and Waffles, Elotes Locos, and Conscious Cravings. A really great site to learn more about local Austin trailer food is Austin Food Carts. I am afraid I did not try anything while I was there, so the review will have to wait, but the place is a nice place for trailers to set up and a few benches are available to sit down and start chomping down.

On my way back to campus, I walked by Plucker’s and lo and behold, I saw a new frozen yogurt shop ready to open. What really made me not believe my eyes was that it was Red Mango, the first frozen yogurt shop I’ve ever heard of thanks to my roommate who has seen them in Chicago. As I passed by, they looked like they were still in the process of getting it together. However, it seems like it will be a done deal as you can find it as a future location on their website. It will apparently be self-serve, much like the other yogurt shops near campus.


Can you see the construction?


I am quite excited to try this place I’ve heard so much about. It is one of the earliest frozen yogurt shops, opening in 2002 and helped to introduce the frozen yogurt craze of fresh toppings and unique flavors. I will certainly be trying this place when it finally opens, but I think I still tip my loyalty to Juicytart.

Super excited about my new discoveries and I will be posting soon on bulgogi burgers! Hope to see you here soon! 😛