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Craving Candy? Check Out Campus Candy

Candy as far as the eye can see...

Returning after a rather warm winter, the first thing I noticed on the Drag was the bright-colored sign advertising “Campus Candy.” What in the world could that place be? A candy store on the Drag, very convenient for hungry night owls? This place is going to do just fine.

Campus Candy is the new kid on the block, replacing the previous clothing store Wish. It is a candy store that has opened up on the Drag that is covering some of the latest fads on campus. It sells frozen yogurt, pastries from Cheesecake Factory, and also popular drinks and snacks to pick up in between classes.

You cannot miss this store on the Drag, blasting loud music like it’s a club and showing off its brightly-colored sign. Stepping in, it feels a bit like stepping into Wonka’s factory as the bright colors of the walls, seating, and candy overwhelm the visitor.

The flavors are often changing. My favorite is admittedly the tiramisu

To the right is the frozen yogurt, supervised by an employee ready to explain the system and provide sample cups. A way to monitor the tasting of flavors, I suppose. The frozen yogurt is very flavorful and a wide variety. Flavors range from tiramisu to chocolate chip mint to raspberry. The price, however, is quite high. It is nearly 70 cents/oz. For a half full cup, it cost me about $3.30, a price that could get a lot more at the other frozen yogurt places near UT. However, the flavors match Red Mango in intensity and the tiramisu and crème brulee flavors seem to be very popular.

A variety of toppings are available at Campus Candy, just like you would find at any other frozen yogurt store. There are tons of sauces as you can see in the front of the picture and lots of fruits and chewy toppings like flavored mochis. I think I’ve also found a new favorite topping for frozen yogurt that tasted kind of like chocolate-covered rice krispy treats.

Tons of toppings and sauces, even some I have never seen at other yogurt places.

Another fun addition to Campus Candy is the fact that you can put any candy in the store on top. It’s a great way to try out some new candies you want to check out, but don’t want to pay the $2.89/quarter of a pound for. For the yogurt I bought, I added some of the sour gummy bears on top to try them out. FYI, probably not a good idea to put gummies on top of cold products as it does reduce the chew of the candy.

Some novelty candies sit around the store such as a 27 lb. gummy bear and the gummy skull next to it. When Valentine’s day was coming up, chocolate roses became available. A lot of old school candies are also available on the wall across from the register like Pot o’ Honey and Neccos.

Ooh, Cheesecake Factory right next to UT!

Finally, there are baked goods being sold at Campus Candy and finishes off the college student’s sweet tooth. Most of the baked goods are from the Cheesecake Factory. These pastries include popular cheesecake flavors from Cheesecake Factory like Raspberry Swirl and Godiva Chocolate cheesecake. The cheesecake slices are not as big as the ones you get at the Cheesecake Factory, but they taste about as good as the ones you can get frozen at Sam’s. If you’re dying for a baked good, here is a decent place to go. They also have Cheesecake Factory’s cupcakes that I am interested in trying, but have yet to do so. Flavors seem to be rather standard such as red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla.

Overall, Campus Candy seems like an establishment that will be very popular on the Drag and already it is attracting loads of customers each night. I am excited that more than frozen yogurt is being sold here and I love the variety and customization available for toppings. Also, there is finally a place on the Drag for easy access to baked goods other than cupcakes and cookies.

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 ½ for covering every sweet tooth, high prices, and good location.


Have You Ever Dreamed of More Cream In Your Milanos? Think Milano Melts!

Ooh, ahh. You're definitely new around here.

Hey everyone! While shopping around in the college market, I saw a new product in the cookie display: Milano Melts! Yum! 😛

Eager to try something new, I couldn’t resist buying a bag. Oftentimes, I will admit, I eat a Milano cookie and think, “Wouldn’t it be just a little more perfect if there was more chocolate in this?” And I’m not talking about the chocolate cookie Milano’s type of adding chocolate. Now there is a product to answer that need.

Just FYI for those of you who have never tried Pepperidge Farm cookies and in particular the Milano cookies, it seems to be one of their signature cookies that are great to bring to a party or as a small gift to a friend. The Milano cookie is basically a sandwich of sweet oval crunchy cookies (more like biscuit cookies) with a thin layer of chocolate to stick the cookies together. It is a balance of cookie and chocolate, though I have always felt the ratio was more like 60% cookie and 40% chocolate. Now here is where Milano Melts enter the arena.

Ooey gooey chocolate filling waiting to decorate your fingers and face.

First impression: interesting. More than interesting, the Milano Melt does fulfill its duty as having a lot more crème in the middle. The chocolate filling is revealed to be, though, not the best chocolate in the world. However, I would say it is a chocolate that is better quality than Hershey’s chocolate and it is certainly a thick filling inside the crunchy cookie that makes the ratio of taste now 60% chocolate and 40% cookie.

The cookie part is a normal Milano cookie, but instead of a cookie sandwich, you get lots of chocolate crème in the middle. This change of structure, though, appears to have made the cookie less flaky.

So you may see the size of the cookie. Same size as a normal Milano cookie.

Overall, great if you like Milano cookies and have a strong desire to have more crème in the middle. However, don’t expect to have the normal Milano cookie taste and experience because this cookie just is not a Milano cookie. It is a Milano Melt cookie. It may be the overindulgence of chocolate crème or the cookie structure not being quite right. Whichever it is, the cookie also seems to lose a bit of its sophistication when you get that crème all over your mouth and fingers.

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 1/2 for achieving the goal of more crème, but leaving the sophistication and cookie structure behind.

Foodie Heaven: Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest Part 2

The logo come to life!

The Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival is a new event taking Austin by storm, bringing the new trend of trailer food to the masses by allowing Austinites to come and try their local food trailers. Versus an event like Taste of Austin that caters more to established restaurants, Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest is much like the trailer food it represents, a cheap and affordable way for new chefs to reach out to the Austin community and reach a foothold into Foodie hearts.

This is part 2 of coverage on the Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest and we will be focusing on desserts today! Yum! 😛 If you missed Part 1, check it out here.

Now delivering fresh ice cream sandwiches!

That's right, we're so tasty that you can eat the paper. You heard me: eat the paper.

Our first stop is Coolhaus, a cute little trailer that is designed especially to churn out freshly made ice cream cookie sandwiches. Coolhaus was also cool enough to even provide a little something for your dog if he or she got hungry during the festival. 🙂 Coolhaus also differentiates itself by providing edible ice cream wrappers, but they really did not taste that great so only take it for its face value: the cool factor. Now, to the product. Coolhaus ice cream cookie sandwiches are amazing! Two of my friends found it one of their favorite things to eat at the Food Fest and I’ll admit, I found it quite enjoyable. They got the fig mascarpone with ginger cookie on one side and a classic chocolate chip cookie on the other. The chocolate chip cookie was OK, being a little chewy, but mostly crunchy. I liked the crunchiness, but my friends preferred a more chewy cookie instead. Again, your mileage may vary. There were definitely a lot of chocolate chips, but the batter wasn’t very buttery or unique. The ginger cookie, however, was delicious! It was also chewy on the inside, but more crunchy on the outside. It was clearly a very sweet ginger cookie, but the ginger wasn’t overpowering or too strong. The ginger cookie with the fig mascarpone is definitely a winner. However, the fig mascarpone ice cream was also mostly just OK to me. It was tasty and had a unique flavor that could be attributed to the mascarpone. However, I didn’t taste a lot of the fig and I kind of expected tiny pieces of fig in the ice cream. However, Coolhaus definitely has a good thing going since I find the greatest weakness in cookie ice cream sandwiches is that the cookie has absorbed too much moisture. A fresh one made on the spot certainly takes care of the issue.                                                                                                                             Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 1/2 for taking a standard dessert and making it taste even better fresh, for offering innovative ice creams and for an allowance of unique combos by customers.

You can't miss this unique trailer or their pies!

I can see why you're an award-winning buttermilk pie. Delish!

Next was Cutie Pies, a trailer you can’t miss with its bright pink exterior and general fancifulness. The pies there were definitely yummy. The pies were going like hotcakes and offered such edibles as fresh pumpkin pie (none of that canned stuff), but I went with the Pie Queen’s suggestion and had the award-winning buttermilk pie. Absolutely delicious. 😛 The pie was sweet, but the sweetness was toned down by the acidity of the buttermilk that was not overwhelming when you bit into it. It was creamy and had a good texture on the tongue that literally melted as you ate. The crust was surprisingly thick, but that made it all the better when parts got caramelized with the buttermilk filling. Overall, another place I definitely want to try again.                                                                              Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 for the best buttermilk pie I’ve ever had and the super friendly people. Just a warning, the pies go quick so try to get there early and snatch a slice before the trailer closes shop.

Holy Cacao, you can't miss the sign.

I think the Velvet Ball is my favorite.

I have heard so much about Holy Cacao, a trailer specializing in hot chocolate and a unique specialty: cake balls. A truffle on a stick, according to Holy Cacao. The place was tasty, but didn’t really live up to the rep I expected. However, my review may be slightly qualified by the fact that I’m not a big cake fan. I had the Wedding Cake and the Red Velvet and both were tasty. The Wedding Cake was very sweet and full of vanilla and white chocolate tastes. I loved the sugar crystals on top and it was good and fun to eat. The Red Velvet, though, would be my favorite as the slight chocolate taste went well with the white chocolate covering. The cake balls are interesting in that they are freshly made cake that is crumbled and mixed with frosting to create a better texture on the popsicle stick creating a tasty cake ball. Amazingly difficult to make, they are tasty, but not exactly my cup of tea. Fun to try for their novelty. My friends tried the carrot cake and peanut butter and both liked, but were not necessarily impressed. The carrot cake was quite sweet and the peanut butter was literally like a Reeses’ piece on a stick. Great for peanut butter lovers out there.    Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 for the novelty, fun factor, and super sweetness. It may be known for its cake balls, but it started out as a hot chocolate place.

Check out my chalkboard on the side. Have fun while you eat!

Can you believe this is just half a banana?

Honorable mention must go to Bananarchy, who also won for most veggie-licious vittle. The food is frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and covered with delicious toppings like Oreos and M&Ms to create a luscious dessert that can even become completely vegan with vegan chocolate dip if you so desire. I did not actually get to try this dessert, but my friend tried it and really enjoyed it. From my experience with frozen bananas, I can only imagine how much more delicious it must have been covered in chocolate and nuts. The servings are also quite large so leave a lot of room if you want to indulge in this cool treat.                Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 for being delicious and a healthy vegan treat in a hot city. However, admittedly, couldn’t this be made at home? Whatever, still tastes good and they do their best to promote Austin causes like using fair trade bananas and having live bands play by their trailer.

Le Cordon Bleu demonstrates how to be a cooking foodie.

Yum, can't you see that pillowy softness?

After all this, one must mention Le Cordon Bleu. The cooking school came to the event, giving demonstrations of the food they can teach you to make in their classes. Amazingly nice people and they gave 2 cooking demonstrations, though we could only stay for one. They made pâte à choux for us, which is the dough used in such French pastries as éclairs and true beignets. Unbeknownst to us, this dough can also be used for savory dishes like potato puffs. They showed us how to make the dough and then gave us samples of the 2 different ways to use the dough. So delicious and literally melted in my mouth. It was like little clouds of delicious carbs and now I kind of want to make some. Le Cordon Bleu has an open house once a month allowing hopeful chefs and pâtissiers to see what a class in the school will be like as well as expanding the foodie’s cooking repertoire. Definitely recommended and a highlight of the Food Fest.       Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 1/2 for being informative, super nice chefs, and to learn more about how to cook in Austin.

Aren't you a cutie?

The festival was fun and more than just food. I really liked that they had live performances of music and a place for the kids to enjoy themselves with storytelling and acrobatics. There were also lots of dogs around (including the doggie above!), but they stayed pretty calm. No havoc so thank you dog owners. However, it was definitely hard on the dogs to be surrounded by food they couldn’t eat. Some places like Coolhaus, though, had special doggy treats to give to sate their appetites. There was also a cook-off taking place during the event, trying to determine the favorites of Austinites that will then be adapted by Le Cordon Bleu. Check out the winners on the website!

Overall, the Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest was amazing and the place was packed. This was the first by Trailer Food Diaries and hopefully this event will become a part of the Austin foodie event staple. I thought this was a great way to let Austinites know about the other food options available trekking around the city and I am definitely stoked to try out my next food trailer!

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 :P, to experience the trailer food scene of Austin in one location for a great price. Plus, experience other parts of Austin like Le Cordon Bleu, the live music scene, and Ladybird Lake!

P.S. See some great pictures and a different perspective on the Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest by my fellow blogger here.

Dolce Finale, I Choose You!

Mmm, a smorgasbord of tasty gelato flavors 😛

After a grueling exam, my friend and I decided to relax by enjoying some gelato. I was excited to come as I had seen it in passing on my walks around West campus. Its name is Dolce Finale and it is a new gelato shop that is joining the sweeping trend of cool creations to challenge the yogurt monopoly in Austin.

Dolce Finale is a gelato shop that focuses mainly on creating tasty gelato and a wide variety of flavors. It is vegan friendly, fresh, and can even be dairy free if necessary. It arrived on the scene in June and has since added itself to the list of Bevo Bucks merchants available around the city. The menu is extensive, ranging from the gelato flavors to gelato creations such as smoothies and banana splits. There are even paninis and salads for mealtime.

I want gelato now.

So what is the difference between gelato and its creamier counterparts like ice cream and yogurt? Basically, gelato is more about smooth texture, intense flavor, and more sugar-based. Ice cream is cream-based and tends to be airier. Yogurt, a popular favorite here in Austin, is more of a custard-base and contains special bacteria that can be h ealthy for your gut. You can also find a history of gelato on the Dolce Finale website.

Cute! Gelato cakes!

An impressive variety of gelato flavors are available at Dolce Finale. First, there are the creamy, more milk-based type like chocolate and mocha. However, there are also the fruity flavors like mango and lemon. Much like ice cream specialty stores, Dolce Finale also offers such products as smoothies, banana splits, and even gelato cakes. Everything is also smaller as the pure taste from gelato is much more intense in a small amount in comparison to ice cream. If you have never been to a gelato place, the standard fare is a serving that is smaller than the usual ice cream and yogurt shops. However, the smaller cup emphasizes how the flavors are intense enough that a small serving is equal in taste and sugar rush to any regular size creamier variety. Usually you can get up to two flavors in a serving and for the larger set, you have the option of up to three.

They also have unique chocolates, how can you not want to come try?

Staff was super friendly and loved giving samples! They gave some great recommendations like the blood orange and house favorite, Mama Mia. They were also happy to tell us about Dolce Finale and why it’s such a great place for hanging out.

Fruity on one side, milky on the other

I personally tried Blood Orange and Baccio (chocolate and hazelnut). My friend had her usual favorite of Mama Mia and then Dulce de Leche. I was really taken with both and though they did not blend as well together as I hoped, both were equally yummy. The blood orange was intense and sour, but also quite sweet. I love fruit and that is one of my favorite things about gelato shops is the amount of fruity flavors available. The Baccio was also sinfully delicious. Dark chocolate pieces are scattered in the serving, emphasizing the chocolatey flavor of the gelato as well as the hint of hazelnut that brings out the chocolate flavor. I would definitely be willing to try both again. The flavor, Mama Mia, actually seems to be a house specialty and one of their most popular flavors. It is more of a basic vanilla base with a slightly sour and very sweet overtones. The Dulce de Leche was also yummy, being more akin to a caramel-like flavor that was very sweet, but delicious. All the flavors I tried were quite yummy and the flavors available are rotating.

Open 'til 2am!

The shop is also very inviting. Large windows line the outside and warm lighting livens the rather narrow store. The place is clean and very college-friendly. First, there is an amalgamation of different furniture and “couch seats” that are very inviting for hanging out. Huge flat-screen TVs are on either side and music plays in the background. The furniture is more retro and wi-fi is available. The place is very laptop-friendly with good wi-fi and lots of AC outlets. Open until 2am, this is definitely the place to be to hang out and enjoy being a college student.

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 ½. The place is cute, delicious, and uber-friendly! I have yet to try their other menu choices, but the gelato was definitely tasty and a refreshing change from yogurt. Come try this place out if you haven’t already!

Yogurt Wars: Red Mango

I saw you and knew I had to come.

Walking around West Campus, I was minding my own business until I saw two girls walk by with huge Red Mango containers. What?! They’re open! To Red Mango we go!

A very inviting place to enjoy some fro-yo.

Red Mango is near to Plucker’s so it has a convenient central location, close to campus. The place is attractive with large windows and a streamlined interior that funnels customers to the back with the yogurt flavors. The distinctive red, white and brown design permeates the shop as big red umbrellas shade metal patio tables outside. Red Mango is clearly a casual place to hang out and enjoy some healthy yogurt with friends.

So many flavors...:P

Red Mango seems to be a place that usually serves yogurt creations, but is allowing for the trend of self-serve like other yogurt places in Austin. The employees were notably friendly and helpful in directing us through the process of buying yogurt (though it’s not like we haven’t done it before. :P) and were happy to tell us about Red Mango. There are also sample cups available that the employees encourage you to use. There is a good amount of unique flavors available and the machines seemed to work well and be clean.

Parfaits and smoothies are available on the menu and most contain fresh fruit as a key component. They certainly looked delicious and the fruit looks fresh. Red Mango also conveniently provides calorie count and boosters.

Ooh, aahh.

The yogurt was pretty yummy. The yogurt is definitely milky and is probably what real yogurt should taste like. However, due to this, everything has a definitive sour taste that cannot be ignored. I like the slight sourness that indicates its real yogurt identity, but some flavors like cocoa turned out a little sour and that was weird. The best chocolate yogurt I’ve had is still from Juicytart. However, Red Mango had some cool flavors like hibiscus and mandarin orange. They are very good at finding the essence of the flavor and making it into a tasty yogurt. When you taste something, you know it’s that flavor, no question. For example, I tried the white peach, and instantly a burst of peach flavor spread across my tongue. It was delicious and a flavor I had to have more of. 🙂

My happy yogurt bowl

The raspberry, my standard for yogurt shops, was all right. Better than everybody but Juicytart, but not especially remarkable. I also just had to have the white peach and that was very tasty. I’d go back for that flavor alone. I then added some sliced almonds and chopped M&M’s for crunch. To top it all off, fresh mango and raspberries that were delicious. My friend also enjoyed her yogurt and she especially enjoyed the mandarin orange. The toppings were certainly plentiful, but the yogurt was the centerpiece. It’s good that Red Mango has yogurt tasty enough to stand on its own.

Crunchy toppings, fruity toppings, chewy toppings, the works!

The toppings bar was really nice. Tons of fresh fruit and lots of standard toppings like M&M’s (which are chopped up, a nice touch) as well as granola. Something a little different is liquid condiments such as sweet condensed milk and a variety of Ghirardelli sauces (though not a stranger to yogurt toppings). The fresh fruit bar really amazed me because the fruit looked nice and fresh and tasted delicious. I tried the mango and raspberries on top and they were definitely worth it.

Coincidentally, my friend and I both hit 6 oz. and it’s about $0.39/oz. There is also a rewards card available called Club Mango. It’s nice if, like me, you go out for yogurt about every week. With 500 points, you get a $5 gift card and that’s about 2 yogurt servings for me. However, you only get 10 points/dollar so that will be about $50 later…yeah. Still, for your birthday, you get an automatic 500 points for your gift card so maybe it’s worth it for the birthday card? Red Mango does not currently take Bevo Bucks, but I’m sure it’s in the process of doing so. I will make an update if it does.

Letting you know why Red Mango's different

It must be noted there is a little bit of an advantage to the shop because they have huge serving bowls that make you feel like you’re getting less than you usually do. That is the only real sticking point I have with the place. Otherwise, it’s quite big with a design style that’s reminiscent of Juice Box in Houston (if y’all know what I’m talking about) and lots of tables for enjoying food outside. The yogurt tastes authentic with its milkiness and sourness, but worry not lactose-intolerants! The presence of the bacteria will hopefully break down the lactose for you. Red Mango also likes to let you know that they are gluten-free and kosher friendly. Red Mango is tasty, healthy, and close by, so what are you waiting for? Go out and try some yogurt!

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 because it’s tasty, fresh fruit, and lots of space. Definitely a place I’d go back to and it’ll be tough competition for other yogurt shops.

P.S. Check out my preview of Red Mango and hear about its history. PREVIEW: Red Mango.

PREVIEW: Red Mango


Do I spy...Red Mango?


Update 10/17/10: Check out my review of Red Mango in Austin! Yogurt Wars: Red Mango.

Well, the game was not as happy as I was hoping it would be so the post I had made previously for it will not be quite right. However, that does not deter me from posting about food opportunities here at UT and I’ve got two.

First off, I must explain how I stumbled upon the discovery of Red Mango, one of the first specialty frozen yogurt franchises that opened in the US. I was planning on creating a post about the trailer park square that is being created here near UT campus. It is called Longhorn Food Court and is definitely a place you should check out.


Finally! That was a long walk.


Longhorn Food Court is a recently renovated lot where Ivory Cleaners used to stand. It is now a place for local food trailers around Austin to set up and serve their specialties in a convenient distance from campus. It is definitely a place you should try out if you are at all interested in trailer food and you just can’t make it to the other trailer carts around Austin.


Mmm, I wanted to eat at Lucky J's, but they weren't open. Next time, definitely checking the website.


Some of the trailer food you’ll find include Lucky J’s Chicken and Waffles, Elotes Locos, and Conscious Cravings. A really great site to learn more about local Austin trailer food is Austin Food Carts. I am afraid I did not try anything while I was there, so the review will have to wait, but the place is a nice place for trailers to set up and a few benches are available to sit down and start chomping down.

On my way back to campus, I walked by Plucker’s and lo and behold, I saw a new frozen yogurt shop ready to open. What really made me not believe my eyes was that it was Red Mango, the first frozen yogurt shop I’ve ever heard of thanks to my roommate who has seen them in Chicago. As I passed by, they looked like they were still in the process of getting it together. However, it seems like it will be a done deal as you can find it as a future location on their website. It will apparently be self-serve, much like the other yogurt shops near campus.


Can you see the construction?


I am quite excited to try this place I’ve heard so much about. It is one of the earliest frozen yogurt shops, opening in 2002 and helped to introduce the frozen yogurt craze of fresh toppings and unique flavors. I will certainly be trying this place when it finally opens, but I think I still tip my loyalty to Juicytart.

Super excited about my new discoveries and I will be posting soon on bulgogi burgers! Hope to see you here soon! 😛

Food Photographing Obsessions and NadaMoo! Too!

I could not decide which one to put up today so I decided on both!

First off is NadaMoo!

Today I had a sample of NadaMoo! ice cream, which uses coconut milk as the base with a little brown rice and agave nectar for sweetness. What makes NadaMoo! unique is its combination of many dietary factors and tastiness. It is vegan-friendly, cholesterol-free, only some saturated fat, organic, kosher, and gluten-free. No dairy (so good for lactose intolerant people) and not soy-based (no soy taste) unless indicated. However, the facility does handle dairy and nuts so be cautious of the fact. Finally, the company also uses Fair Trade ingredients.

Three flavors were available to try: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Coconut. These varieties are sold in markets around campus as well as your specialty grocery stores like Wheatsville Coop and Whole Foods. I tried the vanilla and though a little extra sweet, the taste was obviously vanilla. However, there was a distinct coconut flavor in the background. It seemed like most people present were trying the coconut and I believe that would probably have tasted the best due to the natural taste of the coconut already present in the ice cream.

The ice cream texture is good, tending a little soft, but the feel is just like ice cream. Creamy, tasty, I am this close to buying a pint. It’d be great to have a tasty ice cream that is not killing the waistline with every scoop. More importantly, I do like the flavor of coconut and this ice cream seems to have the best genuine taste of coconut ice cream I have ever had.

See the 6 flavors of NadaMoo! in living color:

NadaMoo!’s story is an interesting one, stemming from one sister’s love of another to create tasty, healthy treats that her sister could consume safely without worry for her allergies. Whole Foods soon supported the idea of selling the ice cream in pints and a company was born! Since 2004, the products have spread from Austin to the West Coast. There are a lot of charity events that receive money from NadaMoo! and it is everything an Austin-based company aspires to be. I can see NadaMoo! becoming bigger in the future so I definitely suggest you try this ice cream at least once before you’re left behind wondering “NadaWho?”

I also saw a New York Times article, First Camera, Then Fork, that appeared just yesterday. It’s an interesting article talking about the latest trend of food photography and online food diaries that have been popping up. Taking pictures of food is old hat for me, but this is on a whole other level.

People are taking pictures of their food for the artistic value, accountability, and for basic crazy fun. However, people are becoming even more intense with the picture taking by using high tech cameras and special lens. One man in the article even forced his wife to wait an hour just so he could run home and get the right lens for their food! Gee!

Camera companies are recognizing the fact that people are taking pictures of food and are now starting to include a ‘food’ mode in the camera’s features. Admittedly, I would be a little swayed by the ‘food’ mode and now I have one on my camera! The option of a ‘food’ mode is pretty awesome, but the only difference I’ve seen is it made the food look a bit warmer.

I definitely understand why people are taking pictures of food, but I can see where people may become a bit obsessive over taking pictures of food. People can become obsessive about a lot of things and a lot of people are obsessed or at least easily influenced by food.

Food is a connection of people, of memories. Food is a deep-seated part of humanity as evidenced by the many traditions around the world surrounding food. Asian people begin by asking “have you eaten?” and the act of eating is an intimate one, a social ritual that involves sharing a valuable resource and opening yourself to the other person. Our growing obsession with food, as evidenced by food channels and even movies on food, may just be reflective of our growing obesity rates or it could be our attempts to remember a tradition that brings us all together. You decide.

Here are some pictures that are my attempt at artistry or just for fun:

Picturesque Tea

I thought my random tea looked pretty that day.

Mighty Awesome Muffin

My Mighty Awesome Muffin

Hot Chocolate and Scone

A Warm Ending