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Yes, I Will Marry You Ken’s Doughnuts, Love B.

The run-down looking doughnut shops always seem to be the yummiest ones.

I have long heard of and seen Ken’s Doughnuts as I’ve been going north on the Drag. It is a walkable distance from campus, though you best be careful of the many cars whizzing by and very wide road crossings. It looks a little run down, but you know it’s going to taste good when the place does not rely on looks alone. What makes Ken’s Doughnuts even more unique than other doughnut places is that it is a nice, family-run store with Indian pastries along with the doughnuts. Now presenting…Ken’s Doughnuts!

Cannot miss that pink elephant.

Now that it’s finals time and my last post until after finals are done (see you in a couple of weeks!), it’s the perfect time to let you know about a late-night eating spot in case you get midnight munchies while studying. What makes Ken’s Doughnuts so awesome is that it is open 24 hours! Or close enough with 6am to 5:30am hours, 7 days a week. I went with my friend around 11pm and doughnuts were still coming out along with fresh samosas. Also, 4am is apparently a good time for fresh doughnuts, but don’t ask me how I know. And if you don’t want to move from your room, consider Longhorn Delivery to fill your fried dough needs.

Oops, sorry. Cut off the top. 😮

So not only is the place open late, but the prices are great too! $1 samosas that are a good snack size and doughnuts for less than a $1. My doughnut holes were only $1.50 for a dozen and that is equal to like two doughnuts with extra glazing. Low low prices and doughnuts that taste GOOD! Heck yes! 😀

*crunch crunch* Yum!

Onto the food! First, the samosa was big, yummy, and warm. It was spicy, but in a good tasty way. The dough was just chewy enough with a lot of potatoes and warm spices inside. If you like samosas, you’ll probably like this one.

The amazing insides of a palak paneer and pretty big too.

My friend got the palak paneer. It had a similar dough to the samosa, but was a little less spicy and full of spinach and a special type of cheese called ‘paneer.’ It cost a little more than the samosa, but it was very yummy and definitely something we’d both get if we went again.

Ohh, delicious doughnuts, you make me hungry just looking at you. 😛

Finally, the doughnuts. I am a Shipley’s Doughnuts fan and those are the type of doughnuts I like. No Krispy Kreme for me, sorry guys. If you like Shipley’s though, you’ll like Ken’s Doughnuts. These doughnuts have an airier texture and less cakey, though those are available as well. Bunch of varieties like bear’s claw and cinnamon twists are also there. I am a fan of the doughnut hole, however, and they were absolutely delicious. A little less chewy and more cakey than the usual doughnut holes I eat, but that made it much more substantial and still delicious. Next time, I am definitely trying some more varieties including the fritter. 😛

Trying to imitate the art at the bottom of the Tower.

Late-night doughnut craving? Need something to eat after studying until 3 in the morning? Go to Ken’s Doughnuts and have delicious fresh breakfast pastry at any time of the day. Or ice cream. There is also a little ATM machine inside if you don’t have any cash and just want to make it easier on you. Prices are great and so are the food so you’ll enjoy lots on a college student budget.

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 for airy doughnut texture, a little run-down, and great prices.


Gourdough’s: The Big, Fat, Fresh, Delicious Doughnut Trailer

A deliciously fresh Gourdough's doughnut

Though I have yet to actually go see the Gourdough’s trailer, I have heard many good things about Gourdough’s. It’s a kind of gourmet doughnut place that has some of the craziest and most savory concoctions you can imagine for doughnuts. Think bacon and maple syrup icing on a freshly made doughnut or a huge doughnut covered in grilled strawberries and chocolate icing. The doughnuts tend to weigh on the large side in order to encompass the arrangement of unique ingredients that come with the menu choices given by Gourdough’s. Pronounced “gore-dough’s,” the name is reminiscent of “gordo” or “fat” in Spanish. My roommate was kind enough to bring  me a doughnut and I’ll admit: it was delicious.

It was very gooey so I ate with fork and knife

I was given the “Mama’s Cake” doughnut, which is a regular doughnut with yellow cake batter filling and chocolate fudge icing. The doughnut was warm and cooked perfectly with a doughy inside and a crisp outside. The doughnut was actually similar to the texture of a funnel cake, except bigger and just as tasty. The chocolate fudge icing was yummy, but as you can see, it seemed to drown the doughnut a little and overwhelmed the basic fried flavor. I think there was also a little melted butter in the cake batter filling on top and that with just a little chocolate icing was absolutely delicious. I really loved the Gourdough doughnut I ate and I hope to try more in the future.

Many friends have tried “Porkey’s,” which is a doughnut with canadian bacon, cream cheese, and jalapeno jelly. The only things I’ve heard are “interesting” and that the jelly is definitely unique. If possible, try splitting with a friend in case the doughnut is not one that you’re willing to fill up on. Definitely, one should take a taste of savory doughnuts available since that is one of the unique features of Gourdough’s. However, there are many variations available as the menu shows and you can even design your own! Gourdough’s is a veritable haven of doughnut inventiveness so you should go down to Gourdough’s and try out a doughnut invention!

Cover liberally with sauce and chew 🙂

Honestly, I promise to update if I ever do go to Gourdough’s, but I think the main point here is that the doughnut is delicious and has more of the fried taste and texture than your usual run-of-the-mill doughnuts. Each has their unique positives, but if you’re in the mood for a unique doughnut invention that is both crispy and tender, you might want to try a doughnut from Gourdough’s. It seems to be that the sweet doughnuts succeed better than the savory ones, but don’t you want bragging rights that you had a doughnut with a fried chicken strip on top?

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 ½. Overall, the doughnut was tasty and crispy and other people have told me that they have enjoyed their doughnut tastings here. There are certainly unique inventions to try and consider.