Keep Asea With The Seafood Watch App

Do you know how sustainable your sushi is?

It’s been quite an eventful weekend and now it’s Star Wars day. Maybe in keeping with the Star Wars theme, I am now presenting a foodie technology article for your reading pleasure.

Well, here’s another food app that’s coming at you. I’d like to tell you about the Seafood Watch App from the Monterrey Aquarium. It’s a free app for your smartphone or a website you can access on your internet browser so you can eat seafood without hurting the environment.

Seafood has always been something to watch for mercury content, sustainability, and overall health as the bigger fishies can easily concentrate heavy metals and other toxins due to their appetites. With the Seafood Watch App, you can figure out what fish are best to eat that are sustainable and are not farmed/fished in a terribly harmful way. Something else to note is that there is a sushi app, perfect if you like to go out and eat that raw fish.

The app is easy to use, but a little low in resolution. There are also other resources that come with the application including links to recipes for the sustainable fish and a way for you to upload your own information. However, these links are limited in not being very well updated or maintained so be warned about that.

To keep the information in the app true, it is reviewed by experts and then you can know best where to get your sustainable and healthy fish. I definitely recommend this app if you are worried about what fish are most sustainable to eat or if you are just a bad decision maker at the grocery store.

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 for expert advice, easy to navigate, and limited updates. Just to make sure you understand, this app is good for sustainability but not really mercury content. If you want information on things like that, I would suggest you go someplace like the FDA.


2 responses to “Keep Asea With The Seafood Watch App

  1. You know, their next phase implementation should be what you could do with the seafood when you buy it. Might as well give you directions as long as their giving you advice/suggestions.

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