Have You Ever Dreamed of More Cream In Your Milanos? Think Milano Melts!

Ooh, ahh. You're definitely new around here.

Hey everyone! While shopping around in the college market, I saw a new product in the cookie display: Milano Melts! Yum! 😛

Eager to try something new, I couldn’t resist buying a bag. Oftentimes, I will admit, I eat a Milano cookie and think, “Wouldn’t it be just a little more perfect if there was more chocolate in this?” And I’m not talking about the chocolate cookie Milano’s type of adding chocolate. Now there is a product to answer that need.

Just FYI for those of you who have never tried Pepperidge Farm cookies and in particular the Milano cookies, it seems to be one of their signature cookies that are great to bring to a party or as a small gift to a friend. The Milano cookie is basically a sandwich of sweet oval crunchy cookies (more like biscuit cookies) with a thin layer of chocolate to stick the cookies together. It is a balance of cookie and chocolate, though I have always felt the ratio was more like 60% cookie and 40% chocolate. Now here is where Milano Melts enter the arena.

Ooey gooey chocolate filling waiting to decorate your fingers and face.

First impression: interesting. More than interesting, the Milano Melt does fulfill its duty as having a lot more crème in the middle. The chocolate filling is revealed to be, though, not the best chocolate in the world. However, I would say it is a chocolate that is better quality than Hershey’s chocolate and it is certainly a thick filling inside the crunchy cookie that makes the ratio of taste now 60% chocolate and 40% cookie.

The cookie part is a normal Milano cookie, but instead of a cookie sandwich, you get lots of chocolate crème in the middle. This change of structure, though, appears to have made the cookie less flaky.

So you may see the size of the cookie. Same size as a normal Milano cookie.

Overall, great if you like Milano cookies and have a strong desire to have more crème in the middle. However, don’t expect to have the normal Milano cookie taste and experience because this cookie just is not a Milano cookie. It is a Milano Melt cookie. It may be the overindulgence of chocolate crème or the cookie structure not being quite right. Whichever it is, the cookie also seems to lose a bit of its sophistication when you get that crème all over your mouth and fingers.

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 1/2 for achieving the goal of more crème, but leaving the sophistication and cookie structure behind.


5 responses to “Have You Ever Dreamed of More Cream In Your Milanos? Think Milano Melts!

  1. This is such a good idea. I’m glad they made this, finally. Totally going to pick up a pack next time I’m at the supermarket. Thanks for the review!

  2. Oh I love that you posted this. One I had no idea that the Milano Melt existed and two that was a good review. I would have been curious the minute I saw it and now I feel like I know what it would be like. I would have thought, how yum like the Milano version of the lava cake, but it sounds like the cookie structure may not be the best. My favorite Pepperidge cookie line is the Brussels, I think because of the buttery saltiness being so strong. Girl, now I want a cookie. But let’s face it I can always go for a cookie. 😀

    • Ohmigosh! I love Brussels too! 😀 So you think it’s the saltiness that makes it taste so good? Maybe that’s why I love them so. I definitely like how the texture is more crispy than Milanos. And it’s never a bad time for a cookie. 😛

      • I think the salt gives the sweet a whole new character. I just had a sea salt dark chocolate bar and it made the chocolate sweeter. And sea salt on caramel is good too. Next time you see something like that you should pick it up and give it a try.

        You’re right, never a bad time for a cookie.

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