Let Me Eat, Three Little Pigs, Or I’ll Blow Your Trailer Down

You have the address so no excuse not to visit!

Three Little Pigs is a new trailer that’s opened up on the East side of Austin near campus, a little SE of Brackenridge hospital. It’s only been open a couple of months, but is quickly turning into a popular favorite with people like the owner of Jalopy Rotisserie trailer. It is run by professional chef Raymond Tatum who has finally opened his own little establishment. Three Little Pigs trailer is a tiny trailer with a white board side that will be recognized by its Three Little Pigs sign underneath East End Wines (see picture below).

Love the drawings and the menu's here too, if you can see

The basis of the menu is pork (as you can tell from the name) and it seems to be especially pork belly. The pork belly slider is a popular favorite on Yelp. However, the menu changes daily and should probably be checked on its website. They also have a Facebook page that is awesome in giving updates about the trailer as well as supporting eateries like East End Wines and Pie Fixes Everything. Only open for dinner, check out the place and eat well!

Mmm, my mouth is watering just looking at it

I personally ordered the pork belly slider. After hearing about it so much on Yelp, I figured it was something I had to try. The pork belly was nice and crispy and very thick slices. The bread was properly crisp on the outside, but soft on the inside. What really made the sandwich, though, was the maple soy glaze. It was a perfect addition of sweetness to the savoriness of the pork belly. The thin apple slice and fried scallions were good and added flavor, but I’m afraid were not enough to make much of an impact. I could have used a thicker apple slice. The sides with the pork belly seem to vary and I ended up with their unique slaw with sesame seeds. The slaw as not overwhelmed by mayonnaise and that was a definite plus. However, the sesame seeds seemed a little weird. It did give added flavor, but it was a strange flavor that I didn’t personally like and I’m sorry I can’t explain why. Your tastes may vary though. Overall, I enjoyed the pork belly slider a lot and would be happy to come back and try the other ideas the chef can come up with.

We also had the smoked pork loin with black-eyed pea salad and horseradish sauce. It was good, but not great I guess you could say. However, our expert trailer food friend liked it enough to say he was excited to come back and try even more variations that the trailer has to offer.

The seating and the cute little sign marking Three Little Pigs location

The people are very nice, helping out with menu decisions and keeping their tables clean. When a woman came up to ask for paper towels to clean a dirty spot on the tables, they offered to come out and clean the table for her. Along with this, you order at the trailer and they bring your food to you on a tray with napkins and forks.

You can't mistake this trailer as the Big Bad Wolf's Place

Overall, the trailer is a nice new place to check out some good food for a reasonable price (about $6 per meal). The food serving’s a little on the small side so you might want to think about ordering a dessert somewhere. Or splitting dishes with friends.

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 for varieties of pork dishes, rotating menu and definitely needing more tables for the future (only 3!).


3 responses to “Let Me Eat, Three Little Pigs, Or I’ll Blow Your Trailer Down

  1. I love a good food truck, but that sounds like it’s edible, but not super good. It kind of makes me sad. I love when you get a heap of food and it tasted insanely good. The roach coaches over here can either be sooo good (lots of mexican food) or it can make you sick. More and more there are gourmet food trucks too. I don’t think we have trailers here.

    • Aww, maybe you can open your own food truck over in LA. 🙂 Get a nice looking, clean trailer that pays homage to sunny California with delicious food in heaping quantities and cheap prices. You’ll have it made! 😀

      • You know I thought of that too. But it’s so political here, there are permits and routes you have to pay for, plus restaurants are trying to get them banned because they are taking away business. It’s so stressful in the long run it’s not worth it.

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