Get Peached with Peached Tortilla

The Peached Tortilla 2.0

If you haven’t heard of the Peached Tortilla, you will. It’s one of the hottest new food trailers in Austin and recently made some local fame at SXSW when hosting Rachael Ray’s Greenhouse party.  Its food theme is Asian/Southern fusion and ranges from banh mi sliders to Nutella wontons. Just this month, Peached Tortilla expanded itself to a second location right next to Hole in the Wall, on the corner of the Drag and Dean Keeton. Peached Tortilla 2.0 is smaller than its original counterpart and with a more limited menu selection, but at least it’s tasty trailer food right next to campus for lunch every weekday.

The people are very friendly and nice. The trailer seems hygienic since you can see the food being made and it’s really too small to get very dirty without people noticing. I think that’s something different about a trailer with windows: you can see how clean or not clean the kitchen is. Take-out is nice with the people being thoughtful by wrapping the food in foil and putting it into a paper bag. Definitely kept the food at least warm and not falling all over the bag.

Displayed open-faced so you can see the yummy ingredients before you taste them.

I got the banh mi slider and bbq brisket taco on corn tortilla. The taco was good, but not tasting the peach mint stuff. Sweeter brisket and moist. I liked the crunchy slaw on top of it and overall quite tasty. A good mouthful for $2.50. The banh mi slider was $3. It was on Hawaiian bread and slightly buttered and toasted, which was yummy. Definitely gave a lot of pork belly (also known as thick-sliced bacon) with a creamy sweet and sour sauce and slaw on top of it. Cilantro is prominent and gives an added dimensions that is delicious. I also liked the presentation in that it shows off the amount of ingredients in your food.

As you can see the burrito is reminiscent of the size and look of a Chipotle burrito, but it definitely tastes different on the inside.

There are also burritos for $6 that don’t seem to be sold from the original truck. They are like the slightly smaller cousins of the burrito size of Chipotle and is more of an Asian fusion burrito. Pad thai burrito seems to be quite popular, but there are a number of others like bbq brisket. My friend tried that and he deemed it tasty and filled him up for lunch. Another friend tried the pad thai taco and she found it quite yummy as well. It was sweeter and definitely not the classic pad thai taste, but that’s what made it fun and different.

I think the flavors of Peached Tortilla tend to err on the sweet side, but that may be due to the sauce on the slaw. I feel like it’s pretty yummy though and an interesting place for Asian fusion. I think the sliders are definitely the highlight and what makes the place different from other food trailers. Definitely my recommendation is to at least try the banh mi slider.

The 2.0 menu, photographed for your convenience. 🙂

The servings are just the right size for a snack and even a meal. However, it’s also fun to share with buddies or just try a bunch of different foods at once since the servings are relatively small. There also seems to be a slightly more limited menu compared to the original food truck since there are no fries, wontons, or etc. on the chalkboard menu (though I didn’t ask if there were other choices off-menu). It’s a nice little place right next to campus and a good stop to try something different.

Overall, Peached Tortilla seems like a tasty new place to try some trailer food very close to campus. The people are friendly and nice and the food is pretty good for a fair price. They’ve recently opened so you can grab the food before the line starts getting too long like at Coreano’s (who will be the next review).

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 for tasty Asian/Southern fusion trailer food, limited menu, and friendly people. Go out and experience trailer food in Austin, right next to campus!


8 responses to “Get Peached with Peached Tortilla

  1. Something new to try 🙂 It is right across CMA, so it is really convenient when I need to take a lunch break from the clinic.

  2. Laura MacDougall

    Eric, I am so proud to know you! You are an inspiration to anyone who wants to follow their dreams and passions.

  3. Oh yummm! The filling on both the slider and the taco was definitely generous. It must be value for money indeed!

  4. These guys are awesome. I have had the pleasure of enjoying Peached Tortilla since they did their soft launch back in Sept 10. Every Tuesday I get my Peach On when the fellas pay a visit to my job site. If you not tried there food, you are missing out. Peached Tortilla Rocks. Good job guys

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