If It’s Gluten-Free, Can We Call It Glee?

Don't I look delicious?

Hungry and desiring new foods, I decided to venture to the UT Market to pick up something to eat. I was feeling a little like Asian noodles and lo and behold I see gluten-free Asian noodles. I may not need to get gluten-free stuff, but it is nice to try out new foods and you might be interested if you need to worry about it. It’s good if you’re craving Asian noodles, but need the gluten-free part, otherwise I would just buck up and go get some Asian noodles outside of UT. Now, onto the food!

The frozen food box

So in first cooking it, I found the serving to be a bit small. Just right for a small Asian girl like me, but might not be good if you have a big appetite.

For flavoring, it was pretty good. The sodium content was acceptable at 720 mg and perfect when you need to be low salt. There was lots of curry, green curry I think, that gave the majority of flavor and spice. The tofu and rice noodles are a nice touch and certainly gave body to the meal. I like the added crunch of the peanuts and water chestnuts, but a tiny spicy.

Overall, I guess what is weird to me is the crazy mix of products. It is edamame from Japan, curry makes me think more of Indian and Thai cuisine, and the overall mix is like a bad Chinese drunken fried noodle.

Result: Interesting. You get a 😛 😛 😛 1/2 for being gluten-free and trying to give a tasty meal, even if you are a bit confused.


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