Extra Tasty Articles 11/16/2010

Enter a magical land of tasty articles to please the reader's palate

Looking around the web, there seems to be some tasty articles floating around that might be interesting to you Austin foodies out there. Especially with the creation of FoodPress.com by WordPress.com that focuses on food blogs, I thought this to be especially appropriate.

First, the new Wendy’s fries that should be soon making its appearance at Jester, the Union, and other Wendy’s across Austin. Especially for food lovers  and for people who want to know what’s going into their food, Wendy’s will be giving their fries a makeover by making sure you know where the fries are coming from by showing a little potato skin. 😛

The reformed fries are just one of many changes being made by Wendy’s to add “more natural” foods to their menu by making sure its customers can see where the ingredients came from. The fries won’t be healthier, but they will hopefully be tastier with the calorie boost. Sodium content may increase, but if you’re worried these new changes will affect price, be worried not. Wendy’s fries will still be coming out as cheap as ever.

Which reminds me, have you tried a McRib yet? The tasty effervescent McDonald’s sandwich that some McDonald’s foodies travel miles across the country to taste. They are now available nationwide at McDonald’s for a limited time only and will soon be taken away, lost to the hidden recipe vaults except for its rare sightings around the country. Interested in the myths, I decided to finally try this legendary sandwich. I went to the McDonald’s near campus on MLK and looked hard for the sandwich, but couldn’t see it on the menu. Deterred by its game of hide-and-seek, I almost didn’t order it, but asked for it anyway. The guy immediately knew what I wanted and apparently it is one of those secret, off-menu sandwiches.

Biting into a McRib with wild berry smoothie at hand, I waited for a tastebud explosion. Sadly, that did not happen, but I’ll admit it was quite a tasty creation. The McRib is basically a sub sandwich with a barbecue pork patty inside. Pickles and onions lay secretly underneath the bread as a surprise crunch and extra addition of flavor that certainly brightens up the dish. At first, I was just eh, but as I continued to eat it, I really learned to appreciate the subtle crunchiness of the onions playing with the sourness of the pickle and tasty barbecue sauce on the fatty pork. Altogether, a rather delicious sandwich and one I will surely eat again before the McRib goes back to its elusive status. I definitely recommend trying before it disappears!                                                                                             Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 just so you can say you’ve seen the legend and it was good (or bad, depends on your capacity for fast food nutrition).

Finally, a fun article that appeared on Yahoo! recently: 10 Fast Food Items Turned Into Fancy Dishes. I couldn’t believe it until I saw it, but there they are, some of the most delicious looking fast food dishes I’ve ever seen. It’s crazy what you can do with enough imagination and experimentation.

The article touts the ability of a blogger, Erik Trinidad, to make fast food into a fancy looking dish, blowing away the stereotype of fast food sandwich, drink, and fries. My personal favorite is the Jack-In-The-Box Bento Box that really looks like something I’d like to take to school. If you’re tired of eating the same fast food every day, why not try one of the Fancy Fast Food methods to make fast food the right way?

Thanks for checking out some tasty articles and next will finally be a BBQ post (with pictures!!!). A must for a blog about Austin, Texas.


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