Food Festival: I Want to be a Gypsy

Take a walk!

Hey all! The weather is becoming cool and beautiful so now would be the perfect time to go out and enjoy good food, right? Well, not only is the Fun Fun Fun Fest coming up this weekend, but so is the 1st Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival! By the way, did I mention that going to the event is free?

In the Daily Texan yesterday, an article ran about the upcoming 1st Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival on November 6. It’s a new event at Auditorium Shores, right between Lady Bird Lake and the Palmer Events Center. It’s definitely accessible from campus by car, bus, bike, or even walking if you’re adventurous. It’s going to be a collection of over 30 food trailers from around Austin, competing for your love and money to ultimately earn bragging rights as best trailer food of the festival.

Hmm, what are you looking at?

So now you’re wondering, what exactly is going to be happening at this festival? Well, first off, these 30+ food trailers are going to be offering samples of their food for $3 or less each. Check out the menus, the trailers and events on their website. I’m especially excited since there are a lot of trailers I’ve been dying to check out like Holy Cacao with their incredible cake balls and Man Bites Dog, which is actually featured in the Daily Texan article. There are also going to be trailers that I’ve reviewed such as Chi’Lantro and I’ll finally be able to check out Gourdough’s.

However, the event’s not just food, though it will be the main entertainment. There is also going to be live music from people like Noise Revival Orchestra, Ruby Jane and Junior Brown. If that’s not enough for you and the kids, there will also be sideshows like Storytime from BookPeople and Acrobatics that include Cirque Dreams Illumination. Finally, there is going to be a Cook-Off with KGSR and Le Cordon Bleu to determine “Best of the Fest.” Winner gets bragging rights and advertising as well as their signature dish to be prepared by Le Cordon Bleu. We voters get a little something too with a chance at passes to performances at KGSR Music Lounge.

Cross the bridge to trailer gorge

Festival begins at 11am and continues to 8pm so bring lots of cash with you! Though some places may accept credit cards, it will be predominantly cash only. However, don’t fret if you forget as there will be ATMs available (nobody said how far the “available” range is though…). Dress for the weather as it’ll probably be quite cold, bring a camera, and even your dog if you like! It’s a picnic festival after all, just you don’t have to bring the food. You can bring water though. Leave the sodas and alcoholic beverages to the professionals please. Definitely, checking out the website is a must since the details are there as well as an FAQ letting you know what’s allowed and not allowed (basically, all picnic stuff A-OK and other stuff is NO).

If I go this weekend, I’ll definitely post up how the event was with lots of tasty pictures. If there’s enough material, it might split into two posts! Yay! Let’s see, I did attend this event so here is the savory post and the dessert post for the festival. Hope to see you there! 😛


5 responses to “Food Festival: I Want to be a Gypsy

  1. Oh wow, I didn’t know you attended the Gypsy Picnic as well! I saw your newer picnic blogs and by the looks of it, you must have been really hungry 😉 I wanted to try that banana place and Holy Cacao but the lines were too long! Oi vay! Anywho, I’m totally in for food trailer hopping 😀

    • Oh yeah, I definitely ate until my tummy was completely filled. 😛 I ate a lot more than usual, but I also didn’t spend as much money for the amount of food I ate. It was definitely fun and those dessert places were pretty awesome just to try for the novelty factor. Hope school and apps are going well!

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  3. I went to the Gypsy Picnic and it was totally awesome, minus the ridiculous long lines, hot sun, and airborne grass/dirt particles, however, it was worth the wait. Each trailer was limited to three selected items ranging from $3-5, I only had the chance to try out “The Best Wurst” and “Coolhaus” though since it would’ve taken too long to wait in line for the other trailers. To reiterate, waiting in line was worth it especially if one is running on an empty stomach because one can taste the exquisite flavor of the food item. I ordered the original bratwurst w/ caramelized onions, sauerkraut, curry ketchup, and mustard at “The Best Wurst”; in my opinion, it is the best bratwurst I have ever eaten and I recommend this place 110%. “Coolhaus” makes huge gourmet ice cream sandwiches with ingredients that you don’t expect to see/taste in an ordinary ice cream, for instance, I had the Dirty Mint with Chocolate Cookies. When one thinks about mint ice cream, one primarily thinks “green” with “mint flavoring” and “chocolate pieces”, the Dirty Mint on the other hand, isn’t green at all, it’s far from it; it physically looks like cookies and cream but its’ flavor is of a true mint…grounded spearmint leaves fused into the vanilla ice cream and chocolate pieces to be precise. There’s also Chocolate Chipotle ice cream too, but I wasn’t too brave to try it just yet…maybe another time 😉 Anyway, I thought I would give you some insight from the Gypsy Picnic, hope this helps!

    • Hi there Huong!

      Thanks for commenting and thank you so much for telling me about your experience at Gypsy Picnic. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you there. I really loved the food there too and that’s cool that you tried Coolhaus as well. I thought the place is genius for those cookie ice cream sandwich lovers since it’s fresh and comes out with warm cookies and deliciously unique ice cream. I really wanted to try Best Wurst, but I was just too full. I’m glad you enjoyed it; now I have to go there. 🙂 Let’s go food trailer hopping one day! 😛

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