Trick or Treat, The Final Week!

Here's hoping for only candy this Halloween!

Hello everyone!

Seems like I won’t get in a post before the month ends so I’d like to sum up the posts that have been most popular this month. Thank you all for reading the blog and hope to see you in November!

First most popular post is…

Do I spy...Red Mango?

PREVIEW: Red Mango! It actually got the most hits when first posted and is still one of the more popular posts of the month. It was twittered and connects to my follow-up post where I actually went to Red Mango and tried out their tasty yogurt. Red Mango is definitely one of the yogurt places you have to try before you deem who is most worthy of your cash for yogurt in Austin. It’s tough competition out there, but Red Mango is one of the forerunners of fro-yo and should be a good match.

Second place goes to…

You get bang for your buck!

REVIEW: Arpeggio Grill, The Rotating Restaurant! I guess there really isn’t a lot out there about the satellite location that recently opened up on the Drag by campus. Arpeggio Grill is located in the infamous storefront that has seen 3 restaurants in the last 3 years. Will Arpeggio outlast them? From the way things have been going and the direction of the management, I believe so. Please stop by if you’re in the mood for Mediterranean and leftovers to boot!

Third place in most popular October 2010 posts is…

Nope, we ain't talking about you today, sushi.

Kimbap vs. Sushi! This was one of my favorite posts to write and really something I contemplate when I’m thinking about Asian food to eat. I mean, no one’s really given me a straight up answer what the difference is and perhaps there really isn’t one. After all, kimbap is kind of a derivative of sushi. However, each has progressed and catered to far different cuisine and taste buds and each are popular goodies to eat. Please check it out and tell me what you think the difference is between kimbap and sushi!

Finally the last, but certainly not least, most popular post of the month is…

A little piece of Austin water

Blog Action Day 2010: Water!!! Every year, Blog Action Day is a day where blogs around the world take a little time to reflect on what we can do to make a difference in the world. This year, the focus was on water and the extreme difficulties people face without accessible clean water. It’s so easy to help out and the results are far-reaching. Fresh water is a resource everyone should have access to and making a difference can be made by anyone, especially college students.

Congratulations to you blog posts for capturing interest and thank you all for reading the posts! Hope to see you around the blog and please let me know if there are any food topics, places or products you’d like me to focus on next month. Have a Happy Halloween!


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