The College Student’s All Natural Udon

Annie Chun’s All Natural Asian Cuisine: Soup Bowl of Udon

Annie Chun is becoming a well-known brand at organic food stores, presenting microwaveable Asian dishes to be made at home that aren’t full of the pesky and questionable food additives often added. A big problem with Asian food is the addition of MSG, which Annie Chun proudly claims is NOT in the food. Eco-friendly and with great variety, it’s no wonder Annie Chun’s All Natural Asian Cuisine has become popular.

I have tried some previous creations of Annie Chun’s such as the Thai noodles and the miso soup. However, I have been unimpressed in taste and texture. Perhaps I don’t cook it quite right since I am pretty bad at measuring by sight, but the food seems to run sour. I like sour food, but this seemed so sour that it overpowered the dish.

Umm, tasty. 😀

After church, I decided to try the Udon noodle version and see how that would fare. Admittedly, sour could be an added component, but I was betting that Udon should be of a more sweet and savory (or umami) taste. After duly following the instructions, I proceeded to eat my bowl of soup for dinner with some added Vienna sausages.

Overall, the noodles were not as soft as I liked, but then I did not soak with the hottest water. I just used the hot water that came out of the tap. The toppings were plentiful and flavorful (with a little pepper for spice), but there seems to be a distinct lack of mushrooms as claimed to be in the dish. Little bits are chopped up, but they are few and far between. If there were more mushrooms, this dish would have been better. The broth is decent with the claimed umami taste, but not great. There is a hint of sourness, but that may just be from the toppings that are in the dish and it in no way takes away from the dish.

Why are you always so much sodium?

A little too much sodium, not the best tasting ever, I am still not impressed by Annie Chun’s All Natural Cuisine, but I do admire her attempts at making healthy organic Asian food for the regular consumer. I cannot claim to be an expert, but I know chop fooey when I see it.

Rating: 😛 😛 ½, for its lack of clear flavor and texture


2 responses to “The College Student’s All Natural Udon

  1. yea, i’m not too crazy about annie chun’s. my sister recommended it to me, but i didn’t really like it too much.

    • Mm-hmm! But I guess it depends on people’s tastes too. Really, any copy of Japanese food will never be the same once you’ve been to Japan, right? 😀

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