Yogurt Wars: Red Mango

I saw you and knew I had to come.

Walking around West Campus, I was minding my own business until I saw two girls walk by with huge Red Mango containers. What?! They’re open! To Red Mango we go!

A very inviting place to enjoy some fro-yo.

Red Mango is near to Plucker’s so it has a convenient central location, close to campus. The place is attractive with large windows and a streamlined interior that funnels customers to the back with the yogurt flavors. The distinctive red, white and brown design permeates the shop as big red umbrellas shade metal patio tables outside. Red Mango is clearly a casual place to hang out and enjoy some healthy yogurt with friends.

So many flavors...:P

Red Mango seems to be a place that usually serves yogurt creations, but is allowing for the trend of self-serve like other yogurt places in Austin. The employees were notably friendly and helpful in directing us through the process of buying yogurt (though it’s not like we haven’t done it before. :P) and were happy to tell us about Red Mango. There are also sample cups available that the employees encourage you to use. There is a good amount of unique flavors available and the machines seemed to work well and be clean.

Parfaits and smoothies are available on the menu and most contain fresh fruit as a key component. They certainly looked delicious and the fruit looks fresh. Red Mango also conveniently provides calorie count and boosters.

Ooh, aahh.

The yogurt was pretty yummy. The yogurt is definitely milky and is probably what real yogurt should taste like. However, due to this, everything has a definitive sour taste that cannot be ignored. I like the slight sourness that indicates its real yogurt identity, but some flavors like cocoa turned out a little sour and that was weird. The best chocolate yogurt I’ve had is still from Juicytart. However, Red Mango had some cool flavors like hibiscus and mandarin orange. They are very good at finding the essence of the flavor and making it into a tasty yogurt. When you taste something, you know it’s that flavor, no question. For example, I tried the white peach, and instantly a burst of peach flavor spread across my tongue. It was delicious and a flavor I had to have more of. 🙂

My happy yogurt bowl

The raspberry, my standard for yogurt shops, was all right. Better than everybody but Juicytart, but not especially remarkable. I also just had to have the white peach and that was very tasty. I’d go back for that flavor alone. I then added some sliced almonds and chopped M&M’s for crunch. To top it all off, fresh mango and raspberries that were delicious. My friend also enjoyed her yogurt and she especially enjoyed the mandarin orange. The toppings were certainly plentiful, but the yogurt was the centerpiece. It’s good that Red Mango has yogurt tasty enough to stand on its own.

Crunchy toppings, fruity toppings, chewy toppings, the works!

The toppings bar was really nice. Tons of fresh fruit and lots of standard toppings like M&M’s (which are chopped up, a nice touch) as well as granola. Something a little different is liquid condiments such as sweet condensed milk and a variety of Ghirardelli sauces (though not a stranger to yogurt toppings). The fresh fruit bar really amazed me because the fruit looked nice and fresh and tasted delicious. I tried the mango and raspberries on top and they were definitely worth it.

Coincidentally, my friend and I both hit 6 oz. and it’s about $0.39/oz. There is also a rewards card available called Club Mango. It’s nice if, like me, you go out for yogurt about every week. With 500 points, you get a $5 gift card and that’s about 2 yogurt servings for me. However, you only get 10 points/dollar so that will be about $50 later…yeah. Still, for your birthday, you get an automatic 500 points for your gift card so maybe it’s worth it for the birthday card? Red Mango does not currently take Bevo Bucks, but I’m sure it’s in the process of doing so. I will make an update if it does.

Letting you know why Red Mango's different

It must be noted there is a little bit of an advantage to the shop because they have huge serving bowls that make you feel like you’re getting less than you usually do. That is the only real sticking point I have with the place. Otherwise, it’s quite big with a design style that’s reminiscent of Juice Box in Houston (if y’all know what I’m talking about) and lots of tables for enjoying food outside. The yogurt tastes authentic with its milkiness and sourness, but worry not lactose-intolerants! The presence of the bacteria will hopefully break down the lactose for you. Red Mango also likes to let you know that they are gluten-free and kosher friendly. Red Mango is tasty, healthy, and close by, so what are you waiting for? Go out and try some yogurt!

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 because it’s tasty, fresh fruit, and lots of space. Definitely a place I’d go back to and it’ll be tough competition for other yogurt shops.

P.S. Check out my preview of Red Mango and hear about its history. PREVIEW: Red Mango.


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