Blog Action Day 2010: Water!!!


Oh, delicious pizza, do you know your water footprint?


How much water is needed to produce our food?

1 glass of milk = 200 litres or 52 gallons!

Cup of coffee = 140 litres or 36 gallons!

Bag of chips = 185 litres or 48 gallons!

Slice of bread = 40 litres or 10 gallons!

Egg = 135 litres or 35 gallons!

Apple = 70 litres or 18 gallons!

Hamburger = 2400 litres or 634 gallons!

Can you believe it’s taking up that much clean water just to produce our food? Imagine if you didn’t even have enough water to drink? That is the issue facing millions of people around the world and you can make a difference.

Clean water is so important no matter what part of the world you’re in. We need it to drink, to clean ourselves, and to grow our food. People are fighting for these resources and it’s often because there is no access to clean water. Looking at the implications behind the statistics of no clean water is heartbreaking. Nearly a billion people can’t access clean water and children are walking miles to reach clean water, if they reach it at all. If we could just take a little time out of our own day and life to think about these issues and help out, we could make the world a better place. The Water Project is a non-profit organization that is trying to bring this issue to the world and solve a problem that should never be one.

It is so easy to help out. Just $10 can provide a person with 10 years of clean water and you can make sure your money is being used properly. The Water Project works with other organizations to help make clean water possible and makes sure that their wells are working. They follow up on the project after it’s been completed, taking pictures so you can see where your money went. You can even find your sponsored well by satellite as well as verifications from the governments. I really feel like this is a great cause and one of the first charities I became really invested in. People deserve the right to access clean water and it is really not asking for a lot from us college students. Give up Wendy’s today and build a well tomorrow.

However, just giving to charity shouldn’t stop you from conserving water at home as well. Here in Austin, we are very eco-conscious and the city of Austin is doing great things to help with our water conservation and other eco-friendly tactics. Just check out the 3Cs that Austin is enforcing and the many different ways you can conserve water right here. Conserving water is not only advantageous to the land, but also to you. You can save money by conserving water, decreasing your water bill. Stop that drippy sink and be more effective washing your clothes. There are so many advantages to conserving water and it doesn’t have to impact you negatively.

Now, I know this blog post sounded like a cheesy charity commercial, but I feel really strongly about this issue and you can easily do something about it. Conserving water at home is a great first step and, if you’re feeling charitable, you can help bring clean water to others. You can see how important clean water is and how much is needed just to provide food to people. It takes about 55 gallons just to make that egg sandwich without mayonnaise! We Austinites are so lucky to have so many choices for food, but there are many others that are not as lucky, including people here. Take a little time to think about others and a basic right everyone should have: clean water.


2 responses to “Blog Action Day 2010: Water!!!

  1. Thanks to be part of Blog Action Day!
    Please read my post about Water’s footprint in Fashion: you’d be surprised at how much impact your personal or family clothing preferences have on the environment.
    You can make the difference!

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