Blog Action Day: Water Footprint




Hey everybody!

Blog Action Day is coming up, which is a day that blogs around the world take the time to post on an important and worldwide issue. This year’s topic is about water. Though it is a basic necessity, there are still major problems trying to get clean water. The lack of resource can lead to all sorts of problems for people’s health, creating wars, even leading to mortalities.

On October 15, I will personally be blogging on the importance of water and its connection with food and how we can make a difference. The importance of clean and available water for everyone is especially near and dear to my heart since that is one of the first charities I became more seriously involved in back in high school and I believe everyone has the right to clean water.

Please check out the post and keep on coming back because there are a lot more food posts to come such as gelato, yogurt, and Potbelly’s!


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