PREVIEW: Red Mango


Do I spy...Red Mango?


Update 10/17/10: Check out my review of Red Mango in Austin! Yogurt Wars: Red Mango.

Well, the game was not as happy as I was hoping it would be so the post I had made previously for it will not be quite right. However, that does not deter me from posting about food opportunities here at UT and I’ve got two.

First off, I must explain how I stumbled upon the discovery of Red Mango, one of the first specialty frozen yogurt franchises that opened in the US. I was planning on creating a post about the trailer park square that is being created here near UT campus. It is called Longhorn Food Court and is definitely a place you should check out.


Finally! That was a long walk.


Longhorn Food Court is a recently renovated lot where Ivory Cleaners used to stand. It is now a place for local food trailers around Austin to set up and serve their specialties in a convenient distance from campus. It is definitely a place you should try out if you are at all interested in trailer food and you just can’t make it to the other trailer carts around Austin.


Mmm, I wanted to eat at Lucky J's, but they weren't open. Next time, definitely checking the website.


Some of the trailer food you’ll find include Lucky J’s Chicken and Waffles, Elotes Locos, and Conscious Cravings. A really great site to learn more about local Austin trailer food is Austin Food Carts. I am afraid I did not try anything while I was there, so the review will have to wait, but the place is a nice place for trailers to set up and a few benches are available to sit down and start chomping down.

On my way back to campus, I walked by Plucker’s and lo and behold, I saw a new frozen yogurt shop ready to open. What really made me not believe my eyes was that it was Red Mango, the first frozen yogurt shop I’ve ever heard of thanks to my roommate who has seen them in Chicago. As I passed by, they looked like they were still in the process of getting it together. However, it seems like it will be a done deal as you can find it as a future location on their website. It will apparently be self-serve, much like the other yogurt shops near campus.


Can you see the construction?


I am quite excited to try this place I’ve heard so much about. It is one of the earliest frozen yogurt shops, opening in 2002 and helped to introduce the frozen yogurt craze of fresh toppings and unique flavors. I will certainly be trying this place when it finally opens, but I think I still tip my loyalty to Juicytart.

Super excited about my new discoveries and I will be posting soon on bulgogi burgers! Hope to see you here soon! 😛


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