REVIEW: Sno Beach: What’s Your Favorite Flavor?

The line is already beginning to form...

Sno Beach is a place that has been on my agenda for a long time. I first heard about it from my small group leader from freshman year who said the best snow cones in Austin were from Sno Beach. I love snow cones so I wanted to see who supposedly had the best in Austin. I’ve finally tried the place and I am happy to say it is one of the best snow cones I’ve ever had.

Sno Beach is a set of small trailers around Austin that freshly shaves ice and mixes it with tons of different flavors to create unique and tasty snacks for summer. They are especially refreshing in the hot heat of Texas.

What sets Sno Beach apart is its freshly shaved ice and unique combination of flavors that will blow your mind. It is many a college student’s goal to try every flavor and combination available, but few succeed. It will probably take more than a few summers to complete.

One of the biggest questions I have about places like Sno Beach with such a large menu is what is your favorite flavor? What do you get?

Four different sizes are available and a ton of flavors are provided for combining. There are quite a few locations, but the one I decided on was the nearby campus trailer at the Cash American Pawn Shop next to Amy’s Ice Cream. It is open daily from noon to 8pm unless it’s raining or someone’s sick, etc. Sno Beach isn’t your typical chain store, but a small business that is open to the whims of the owner. If someone is sick, hey, you shouldn’t have to work, and if it’s 40 degrees outside, it’s unlikely people will show up for snow cones. Which brings up another point: Sno Beach is a seasonal business. In the beginning of March, when the weather begins to turn up to the 70’s and above, Sno Beach opens along with a number of other snow cone places to usher in the Texan heat.

My patriotic snow cone...yum!

I definitely had a difficult time deciding what to get, but I decided on Wild Cherry and Blue Raspberry with cream on top. I kind of thought the cream might be like Juice Box’s condensed milk, but it turns out to actually be a sort of whipped cream that tasted all right in the snow cone. The thing is, I think the cream will taste good or bad depending on the flavor. With the blue raspberry, it was perfect to add an extra sugary boost that complemented and even enhanced the raspberry taste. However, with the wild cherry, the flavor was good enough to stand on its own and was actually counteracted by the sweet and creamy topping. Of course, the most fun part is when the flavors mix at the bottom of the cup into a super sweet flavor. I really do love the flavor of red and blue together creating a nicely sweet purple taste. What I thought was interesting was how the snow cone is first put together and flavored, then topped off with an additional snowball and flavored as well. I think this definitely helps to keep a continuation of flavor throughout the snow cone and a nice touch.

Overall, this chain of trailer snow cones seems to live up to its reputation as a yummy snow cone place with the finest Austin ice. Tasty, diverse, and just fun on a hot day, definitely try out Sno Beach!

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 only reason I can think of not going is that you don’t like snow cones. How could you! 😉


One response to “REVIEW: Sno Beach: What’s Your Favorite Flavor?

  1. I live in South Alabama and am planning a Snow Cone stand next summer. I would like to know where you got you AWESOME snow cone dude on top of your stand with the sun glasses. Thanks a Bunch!!! 🙂 Becky

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