Break Time!

Hi all! Sorry to make such a boring post, but just letting you know that I probably won’t be able to put up anything new until after finals. So, next week at the earliest will be the next post. Thanks for reading and good luck on your finals/job/whatever!


From the next tantalizing food post


6 responses to “Break Time!

  1. I love their korean foods!!! =P

  2. Yum fooooood…. :d

  3. hi julie it’s hellen! is the picture from the korean place inside the supermarket? i just had it yesterday and it was sooo good =) I hope you’re enjoying the start of your summer!

    • Hi Hellen!

      Thank you for the comments! I’m sorry this took me so long to reply. The picture is from the inside of the Korean supermarket and I agree, the food is definitely yummy! Hope your summer was good!

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