REVIEW: Muscle Milk

Muscle Milk

It's Lactose Free!

Every day, since I’ve gone to market from the beginning of the school year, I have been intrigued by this mysterious new product that has appeared: Muscle Milk. I’ll admit, what really drew my attention was the “lactose free” part, but then I started to read what it exactly was.

The muscle milk is very interesting. It is a lactose free smoothie that is supposed to provide up to 50% of your daily intake of proteins along with an assortment of other enhanced amounts of natural milk vitamins. It’s like a protein smoothie in a bottle for those of us who work out and need to bulk up (ha ha, yeah). Seriously, though, it’s nice of campus to provide new things for us to drink, but considering that the average person gets more than enough of their protein from what they eat, it’s just a little awkward. Maybe it’s for vegetarians, not vegans, who don’t get enough protein?

So, after all this contemplation, I had to try it. It just kept sitting there and asking me to try it out. Just see if it’s really better for me than I thought. This is the story.

Look at all those ster..I mean vitamins.

While drinking it, I’ll admit, I did not feel that great drinking it. The vanilla crème gave back the milk’s fresh taste, but unless you shake it up really well, you can kind of feel the suspended particles. Not a very good suspension is all I can say.

Also, my body didn’t seem to like it very much. I was already wary of the idea of putting in so many drink calories and proteins into me, but this almost steroidal amount of protein astounds me. I’m surprised it isn’t sporting the same energy chemicals that energy drinks have.

The drink is pretty sweet and I did not like the feeling of so many unnecessary nutrients inside of me when I can just barely balance out the calories I’m putting in. Muscle milk will work if you’re sensitive to lactose or as a breakfast drink perhaps, but it’s a little much for a snack and overload if you’re taking it with a meal (though it does seem to make the milk go down better).

For the curious, the pumped, and the people who wandered here by mistake. Muscle milk.

Rating: 😛 😛


3 responses to “REVIEW: Muscle Milk

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  2. dear food critic,

    i am eagerly awaiting your next review! please post more soon (:

    • Dear “A Love-Cake Relationship,” my newest review has just been posted and is a place that may be familiar to you. I hope you enjoy and I will be visiting your site soon. 🙂

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