Amy’s Frozen Food: Brown Rice and Vegetables

The Box

The Box

Amy’s Brown Rice and Vegetables is one of the many tasty frozen foods that provides organic, healthful meals for the professional or student on the go. It’s also an easy and yummy meal to eat when you don’t feel like cooking for the night, but don’t want to throw all your diets and food inhibitions away.

The creators of the company named Amy’s (not the same Amy of Amy’s Ice Cream fame) describe a desire to create tasty, healthful, convenient organic meals for their daughter, Amy, and the entire family. Brown rice and vegetables is a particularly favored meal for any time of the day from breakfast to midnight snack.

The amount of food you get in a meal is pretty decent. At first, you think it’s quite small and couldn’t fill you, but I actually think it’s a decent size. If you are really hungry, I would suggest a light dessert afterwards or even two servings of this food. The brown rice puffs up in the stomach and the grainy texture of the rice and broccoli gives a feeling of having eaten quite a bit.

The Back

Look at all that organic nutritional health!

Definitely, what holds the flavor in the meal is the mushrooms and tofu, which soaks up the sauce. What really amazes me is how evenly the food cooks and that the broccoli always comes out perfectly. Cooked just right to keep it soft, but not devoid of all crunch.

The Food

A close-up of the organic frozen goodness

I especially like Amy’s Brown Rice and Vegetables because when I feel like a low-sodium meal, I know I can get a healthful, quick and rather tasty meal right in my freezer.

I’ll admit, I personally would prefer something with a lot more flavor. Maybe I am too used to the salty, fatty frozen meals provided to us at the grocery stores, but I have never really been a fan of little spice. The fact that the meal is a frozen meal and must inevitably be a little soggier and less fresh than the real stuff must also translate. However, with some added additions at home, this meal would definitely be awesome to eat and only the expensive price (about the price of five $1 McDonald’s hamburgers) keeps it from being something I stock up on. I think some sautéed onions, maybe some mustard, or even a little bit of fresh rosemary would give this dish that added touch to make it a tasteful meal at any time of the day.

Overall, a good meal to eat on the go that is low in sodium (so hard to find these days) and gives you so much of your daily fiber (22%!).

Rating: 😛 😛 😛 😛 for low sodium option, healthy, and slight blandness.


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